EP 74: El Hee Hee

May 27, 2019, 01:00 PM
Welcome to ShambleFest!  This week’s stories range from the scary, to the WTF, to some good wholesome uplifting content. 

·         Michael Jackson Phobia
·         Drugs and guns – how and why they don’t mix
·         Interdimensional photography
·         Woes at Easter Island
·         Smiling Sausage
·         Single dad takes son with Cerebral Palsy to 1200 metal shows
·         Apartment complex and dog dna
·         FL Man threatens to conquer the world with army of turtles
·         Vacationers find alligator on alligator shaped swim float
·         FL teen steals energy drinks, punches holes in drywall
·         Homeless teen gets 3mil in scholarships

Shamble on!

Music: Admiral Longtooth