At What Cost

May 27, 12:00 AM
In this Episode we will discuss kidnapping in the true crime case of Leopold and Loeb, and the Norse myth "The Kidnapping of Idunn." We also let you know about the Mighty Magnus Viking Hoard raffle to raise funds for Magnus, a young boy receiving treatment for neuroblastoma.

0:23 - Quote- Tim Burton
0:51 - Cold Open – Excerpt from Clarence Darrow’s closing statement
2:07 - Murder – Leopold & Loeb
13:30 - Myth – The Kidnapping of Idunn
21:51 – The Mighty Magnus Viking Hoard Raffle - 
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  • Listen to the Myth, Legends and Lore podcast Episode “Children in the Viking Age & ‘The Mighty Magnus Viking Hoard’ Raffle” for an interview with Magnus’ dad.
26:01 – Promo – !PS Lookdown check them out at or on Twitter @PSLookdown
27:20 - Reaction Segment - We discuss kidnapping, how Leopold and Loeb did not plan the perfect crime, how we picture murderers, the Aesir God Posse Camping Trip, how Kristin pictures Odin writing the Havamal, Kim pens her own stanza, more birds, how much weight a falcon can carry, and the great banana debate. 

Special shout outs to the folks who responded to our twitter poll about bananas: Scooter from the Innie & Outtie and @aztec_viking

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