Head to Head! A Spurs fan and a Liverpool fan talk Champions League Final, Europa League Final, Football League Play-Offs and the FINAL QUIZ!

May 27, 06:00 AM
Ginge joins Dan and Silas and brings the stats!

Dan and ginge go head to head in a debate between Liverpool and Tottenham ahead of next Saturday's Champions League final. Who has more heart? Who has had the toughest run to the final, who has the better manager?

We also talk Europa League (which we often fail to do!). Arsenal faces Chelsea in a controversial setting, should the venue in which the final is being held be changed? Who will win? Who is the better team? Will Chelsea miss Hazard as much as Arsenal will miss will Ramsay?

Play-Off talk!

Also, the FINAL quiz of the season as Dan and Silas currently stand at 4-all!