Interview – Charity Holden & Christie Day - Women in Business Expo

Season 1, Episode 26,  May 30, 2019, 05:00 AM

Adam is still away and has left Tom in charge!.. This week Tom is joined by Charity Holden & Christie Day from the Women in Business Expo. Charity has enjoyed a long career in the property sector and Christie has recently experienced a big property renovation.

With the Women in Business Expo coming up in October we talk about an array of issues facing Women in Business and how   

· Charity’s property career and experience at Foxtons.

· How a horrific event with a pet hamster changed Charity’s career trajectory from being a Vet.

· Christie’s career history.  

· How Women in business are underrepresented in the property industry and how the Expo is working to change that. 

· How Men and Women working together get the best results.

· What the Women in Business Expo is aiming to achieve. 

· Do attractive Women face further challenges in the workplace. 

· If you’re a Woman looking to get into the property industry what can the Expo do to help.

· Christie’s property renovation experience, a horror story!

· Political talk around regulations.

· Gap in the market for Women in trades.

· The gender pay gap and how Iceland are combatting this.

· Theresa May as a Prime Minister (recorded pre-leaving announcement)

· Culture shift coming from Millennials & Generation Z.

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