r/offmychest, cringing in virtual reality, and the end of our GoT coverage

May 30, 2019, 06:33 AM

Better late than never right guys? This week, the DYR gang is jet-setting, meaning that not only has it been virtually impossible to finish this episode's edit, but ranch dressing studios sounds a lot more like raspberry vinaigrette dressing studios, which in all fairness, is some peoples' favorite. With the three of us on the move, we decided to get into an OG classic - r/offmychest, a sub dedicated to Redditor rants, tough epiphanies, and general admissions. It's sad. It's weird. It's funny. And it's emotionally complicated, like u/dogboobes relationship with her dad's 1994 miata. Plus, we wrap up our GoT discussions, and VR continues to spawn a pornographic dystopia. Shoutout u/Tacoboutdrama for helping us edit this one. This episode brought to you by the Occulus Rift.