Of Pascal, programming and performing systems

May 31, 04:19 AM
Anecdotes from heterogenous experiences. In this conversation Milind and Chitra, colleagues at PM Power Consulting are in a conversation as Milind shares his experiences on -

- Curiosity and liking for computers, with an aptitude for software & a natural ability to write code. 
- A love for deep learning.
- Writing a pascal compiler, assemblers & deep insights into systems software
- Interoperability between proprietorial systems & other heterogeneous environment challenges.
- Customer management by knowing people as they are, being transparent, being together as a team & doing a release at scale
-  Sensing signals while working with different cultures
- Transitioning through roles in sales & mkt, business development &product  engineering.
- The journey into coaching and  helping people understand the values and principles of agile.
- A deep passion for Sanskrit.