Remain and Reform - An Introduction

May 31, 07:19 AM

Welcome! Here Mike Buckley, Emma Burnell, Laura Parker of Momentum and Jo Stevens MP discuss why we should stay in Europe and what we would change about it.

In the inaugural Remain and Reform podcast, we cover the recent European Elections and what they mean for Labour. We also talk to Laura Parker, 2019 MEP candidate and Momentum national co-ordinator, and Jo Stevens MP, MP for Cardiff Central, about the ins and outs of the Remain and Reform programme. What makes Remain and Reform better than Lexit? How do we argue a Remain and Reform case to the country at large, rather than just committed left wingers? What do we need to change about the EU to make it more democratic?

In the podcast Laura mentions a study, which is by the European Council on Foreign Relations: you can find that report here.

And if you're interested in finding out more about Remain and Reform and maybe even getting involved in what we're doing, find out more here.