The Charlie Pallilo Show Hour 2

May 31, 06:04 PM

Charlie opens the 2nd hour Talking Astros and the next series against the Oakland As this weekend and how the next couple of games are just a cake walk (Seattle Baltimore Milwaukee Toronto Cincinnati) and how the pitching is the strength of this team. Then he and Jose discuss classic movies like Get Smart and the Naked Gun and he also says that JJ Watt the greatest 99 in Houston, but Wayne Grestsky is the all-time greatest #99 with about 99 days left until the Texans kick off their season in New Orleans. And he and a caller discuss potential trades for the Houston Astros and see what they can do. He then takes a look into Pascal Siakim again and who was taken ahead of him and a look at who went ahead of him and if the Rockets kept their pick that year the Rockets could’ve had their chance at him and rookie of the year Malcolm Brogdon.