Healthy Buildings and Sustainable Workspaces: With OnOffice Magazine

Sep 13, 03:05 PM

Jessica Hametner of OnOffice Magazine sat down with Katrina Larkin, Catherine van der Heide, and Ben Hopkins to ask; ‘how do sustainable workspaces affect social sustainability’ and ‘what exactly makes a building healthy’?

Jessica Christin Hametner, Editor at OnOffice magazine, hosts this engaging panel on the topic of sustainable design and its impact on ‘healthy’ communities. Jessica is joined by Katrina Larkin, Co-founder and Head of Experience at Fora, Catherine van der Heide, Interior Designer and Senior Associate at HASSELL, and Ben Hopkins of Bennetts Associates - the first architecture practice to commit to the UN’s Climate Neutral Now campaign. 
The discussion focuses on the questions: What makes a building healthy? What impact can architectural design have on our behaviour? What’s the link between sustainability and the community? How can we ensure sustainability isn’t just another fad? What can designers do to make a real impact when it comes to sustainability?