TCS 23: Daniel Francavilla - Systems for Creative Entrepreneurs

Jun 04, 11:21 AM

Daniel Francavilla talks about his systems to manage time, people and space.

In this episode I chat with Daniel about his systems to manage time, people and space.

Daniel is the Founder & Creative of Now Creative Group, Founder of Access Innovation, podcaster, speaker, mentor and community builder.
As a designer and business operator, Daniel has to regularly juggle between his creative work and administrative work to keep the business going. In order to do this, he uses a combination of digital tools, virtual assistants and physical spaces to stay focused, organized and inspired. 

 Episode Highlights
  • [06:25] Tools to manage his business, not-for-profit and other priorities
  • [12:38] Strategic calendar management and batching similar activities
  • [22:08] Importance of delegation
  • [27:00] Can't do it now? Defer it 
  • [31:50] Creating space for inspiration & productivity

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