Episode 24 | Marina Jacobi | The Harmonic Reactor / Quantum Field / Quantum Manifestation / Creating Your Reality

Jun 05, 02:00 AM
Welcome back all of you conscious folks. Today I am joined by the beautiful Marina Jacobi. Marina has had the gift of telepathy and automatic writing since she was a child. It is through this connection that she was able to connect with loved ones, identify sickness in someone and so much more. In the last decade, Marina has connected with various races of benevolent ETs. She is in constant contact the Council of Nine, which have taught her about consciousness and metaphysics. Marina is the author of two books that discuss just that: The Harmonic Reactor and Nanotechnology, which we will be talking about today. She is also a strong advocate for detoxing of the body so that we can reach our highest potential, free of energetic blocks. || #bejewelledpod #gemsoftruth #marinajacobi #theharmonicreactor #quantumfield #quantummanifestation

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