Hopper: 2 of 2: A Journey into the American Dream Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. Tom Folsom (Author), Ray Porter (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher)

Jun 06, 12:07 AM
Photo: Looking north at the rail yard beneath the lower Sixth Street viaduct, circa 1880-1900

Photograph shows a view of the rail yard beneath the lower Sixth street viaduct on the east side of Atchison, Kansas. Also visible are freight cars (including Missouri Pacific, Texas & Pacific, Kansas City, Fort Scott, & Memphis railway cars), and the business, church, and residence buildings of eastern Atchison.

Hopper: 2 of 2: A Journey into the American Dream  Audible Audiobook – Unabridged.  Tom Folsom (Author), Ray Porter (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher)


As unconventional a biography as Dennis Hopper was a man, Hopper: A Journey into the American Dream by Tom Folsom charts his roller coaster life and career through the lens of the landscape of American popular culture.

The chopper-riding hippie outlaw in Easy Rider. The prophetic madman in the jungle in Apocalypse Now. The terrifying psychopath in Blue Velvet. The kid gone wrong in Rebel Without a Cause. The actor taken under the wing of James Dean, a friendship that set Dennis Hopper on his path to becoming a star. A quintessentially American dreamer longing to be the next Orson Welles. The hell-raising director who revolutionized Hollywood.

Dennis Hopper’s extraordinary journey takes him to superhero highs and plummeting lows. Capturing the magic and the madness of his American Dream, Hopper is a wild ride through Dennis’s many lives. Written in a rebel spirit, complemented with iconic photographs, and packed with insights from his fellow actors, artists, and friends, Hopper tells the story of a half-century of rebellion waged at the edge of pop culture.