Alex Davis, Charlie Edwards and Vicky Saward-Read (University of Kent)

Jun 07, 2019, 11:13 AM
Three guests for the price of one this week: Charlie Edwards, Alex Davis and Vicky Saward-Read, all of whom have just finished their UG degrees in Classics and Archaeology here at Kent. 

They reflect on their time here at university and what a life-changing experience it’s been. Charlie discusses his time with Kent Raising and Giving Society, Alex talks about coming to higher education as a mature student and the opportunities it’s given her, and Vicky looks back on her time as head of the Kent Classics and Archaeological Society. 

They give advice for any would-be students, chat about their plans for the future (including sticking around for MAs), and most importantly, how David would like to be stuffed and put on display in a museum one day.