r/imsorryjon, our quick descent into a cyber dystopia, and u/itsyerdad pitches futuristic ad ideas for Starbucks and Carl's Jr.

Jun 08, 2019, 06:24 PM

With r/imsorryjon on the rise, DYR discuss how the Internet's interpretation of Garfield is the perfect story for our world's constant descent into existential disarray.

As the world slides deeper into the pit of unsustainability, technology-fueled discontent, and a general Mad Max-esque immediate future, the Internet tells the story of our existential angst with it all through Lovecraftian interpretations of Garfield. With more and more posts from r/imsorryjon making their way to Reddit's elite rankings on the front page, we thought it was high time we dig into this bizarre trend, which coincides perfectly with u/itsyerdad's spiraling anxiety-induced depression. We're all Jon in this scenario, and our self-inflicted demise is characterized in an increasingly horrifying Garfield, while our hopes and dreams for a better world filled with pre-extinct wildlife, a living wage, and vegan pizza that actually taste good is encapsulated by a pathetic and half-sentient Odie. Plus, u/itsyerdad has a new ad campaign for Starbucks, and the gang dreams of living on top of a Home Depot. This episode brought to you by Koch Industries.