AFTER SHOCK: griefbots

Jun 10, 07:05 AM
American Hysteria presents the AFTER SHOCK, a follow-up minisode to the main episode before it, basically The Shit They Didn't Show or From The Cutting Room Floor. We'll cover one interesting story every other week. This episode is about 'griefbots,' a new form of AI that app developers are creating. By scouring social media posts and text messages of deceased persons, they work to design chat bots that loved ones and future generations can actually interact with. One developer is even offering a way to contribute to a future digital version of yourself, that could live on long after you die.

The AFTER SHOCK is a Skylark Media production
Written, produced, and hosted by Chelsey Weber-Smith
Co-written and researched by Riley Smith
Assistant produced by Derrick Smith
Produced and edited by Clear Commo Studios

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