Catriona Ward, author of Shirley Jackson Award nominated Little Eve

Jun 12, 2019, 10:47 AM

Peter speaks to Catriona Ward about her novel Little Eve, writing short stories, and the importance of setting in her writing.

Catriona Ward's second novel Little Eve, a 1920s murder mystery set on a remote Scottish island within a nature-worshipping cult, was nominated for a 2018 Shirley Jackson Award.

Topics discussed in this interview include:

  • The pleasure and utility of writing and publishing short stories
  • The joys of getting writing away from home in new environments
  • Ward's second novel Little Eve
  • The importance of setting in Ward's fiction (and why setting might not always matter)
  • Teaching in writing workshops 

Visit the accompanying article on to find links to Catriona Ward's novels, the short story collections she's contributed to, Peter's interview with her from 2015 shortly after the publication of her debut novel, as well as the writing workshops she's involved with.