House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Special with DaySmith Ltd

Season 1, Episode 28,  Jun 13, 2019, 05:30 AM

Our very first ‘al-fresco’ podcast! If you listen carefully you can hear the birds tweeting in the background! This week we met in the glorious garden of Dan Smith and Anne-Céline Smith along with James Day from DaySmith Ltd who specialise in House of Multiple Occupancy development and are working on some exciting new build to rent projects.

You asked, we delivered! Thank you Murdo Ross for getting in touch and asking for a HMO special. We’ve wanted to do an episode on House of Multiple Occupancies for a while and when Tom saw a promotional video from DaySmith Ltd he knew he’d found the perfect guests. 

In this episode we really go into lessons learned from HMO investing and a blueprint of how you can get involved in this market. 

· We find out the backgrounds of Dan, James and Anne-Céline.

· How Dan & James first entered into the property market through a property development course and then how Anne-Céline joined them.

· The story behind buying their first project and why it was the worst deal they’ve done to date.

· How DaySmith LTD raise finance and use momentum investing. 

· A breakdown of their HMO and property portfolio.  

· Lessons learned from renting out to couples vs singles in HMO’s and the dynamics of people living under one room.

· Tricks to keep a happy HMO and looking after tenants. 

· The stigma around HMO’s and how the market is evolving and professionalising. 

· The HMO licensing processing and tips on how to effectively gain the correct licence.  

· A new project to build out 2x 7 bed HMO’s and the planning permission process under permitted development.

· How the team find projects.

· The marketing Anne-Céline does and how this has helped grow their business.

· Whats next for DaySmith LTD and the future of the business. Including their up-coming training courses and HMO discovery days. 

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