Ep. 16 - Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual By Jocko Willink (Book Reading)

Jun 17, 12:00 PM
In this episode, I do my first ever book reading! In other words, I've gone through one of my favourite books, picked out segments which I believe you will find benefits from, before reading them out to you using my amazing voice! Since he is my greatest inspiration, I felt it was only appropriate to do Jocko Willink's Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual as my first book. Please let me know what you think of this, I'd love to do it again. Obviously, don't forget to subscribe and review the podcast, alongside visiting www.transcendsociety.org for all my podcasts, blog posts and resource reviews. If you're interested in working with me I do offer various services, from consulting to public speaking and workshops. If you're interested in this, email me at info@transcendsociety.org