6/16 Let's Talk Birmingham: Bridging the gap of privilege in Birmingham.

Jun 16, 11:00 PM
First, Margie Beth takes some time to speak with Mauricio Papapietro from Brick & Tin, a gourmet sandwich shop with two locations in Birmingham, as he discusses not only Brick & Tin, but the potential of Birmingham. Visit them online at http://www.BrickAndTin.com

After that conversation, Margie Beth is joined in-studio by young people from in-and-around the Birmingham area who created The Birmingham Youth Action Committee, whose goal is to bring young people in Birmingham together through service.   We listen to a video about privilege, which you can SEE at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K5fbQ1-zps

This leads to a great conversation about building relationships in Birmingham for folks who HAVE privilege and those who don't, and why Birmingham is a prime area to accomplish that.