Episode 214 - Billy Duffy (The Cult, Death Cult, The Nosebleeds)

Jun 17, 2019, 03:59 AM
Well, somethings in life are worth waiting for & this here is one of those things! BILLY DUFFY IS ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK! Listen in as the two start from the beginning & we learn just how this legendary guitarist found his way through punk to the metal explosion of the 80’s. YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!!! CATCH BILLY ON TOUR WITH THE CULT THIS SUMMER! Check listings 

Also Touched On:

Coming of age in the summer of a punk

Billy & Johnny: Best haircuts in town

The better guitarists in the neighbourhood

Football or Rock and Roll as the only ways out

Free & Thin Lizzy

Slaughter And The Dogs: Bowie freaks go punk

How amazing the Buzzcocks were

Seeing the Pistols for the first time at the 2nd Manchester gig

Five school friends enter & three leave

“All the heads were there”

Guitar hers

Raw Power was a massive band in Wigan

Filling Vini Reilly’s shoes

Bringing along Morrissey 

Opening for The Magazines 

Throwing out candy to the crowd

The Nosebleeds 

“The only reason they kept me around was because I was good at table tennis”

“She actually sang on a Johnny Thunder’s record?!?” The Lonesome No More 

Getting into gretch guitars

rockabilly arrives

nothing would have happened without punk