#026 - How to Take Your Health Practice From In-Person to Online with Dr Tim Jackson

Jun 26, 07:01 AM
Are you looking to move from in-person practice to online practice? Maybe you want to become an online health practice or an online physical therapist but aren’t sure where to start. Well you’re in luck because on today’s episode, we have Dr. Tim Jackson to fill you in how to take your health practice from in-person to online and share his insight on how to be a physical therapist online (which is exactly what he had to do). Moving from brick and mortar to an online business can be difficult if you don’t have the tools or ideas on how to make it work successfully. Even as a brick and mortar business, you still need to find an online presence for brick and mortar that will bring people into your physical location. Whether you want to do health coaching online or find out how to move your business online, this episode will have some get ways how you can do that, and if you are already an online health coach, we have tips for you as well to grow your online business even further.