Live potty training episode - Dave McIntyre's Fridge and much more

Jun 24, 2019, 09:45 AM
Dave is not free to come into the studio because he's potty training. Or rather he's training his son to use the potty. He's had just the one accident so far, or rather his son has. BOOM. Where is Nathan anyway? He must be at his kids school sports day. That's the only potential reason for him to miss this, right? 
The podcast reaches peak Dadcast and Dave actually reads off the contents of the TUC crackers from his own house. Adrian praises his own parenting, again. And we deal with the slew of emails coming in - if you want your name accidentally read out then email the dads on or hit them up on twitter @dadcastpod. Alternatively, leave a review here and help them spread the word.