Hungary - The Monster of Cinkota (Béla Kiss)

Jun 30, 09:30 PM

Béla Kiss ran a lucrative lonely hearts con. Women who caught him out, were never seen alive again. When he went off to war, 24 bodies were found in metal drums on his property.

Béla Kiss ran a lonely-hearts con between 1905 – 1914. He took the life savings of many women before killing them and storing their bodies in metal drums filled with alcohol. He told their families that they had left him and ran away. When the Great War began, Kiss volunteered to serve in the Austria-Hungarian forces in Serbia. By the time police found the bodies of 24 people in his hometown of Cinkota, he was presumed dead. But various sightings over the years made investigators wonder if he had faked his own death in order to get away with multiple murders...
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