Beacon Chain

Jun 29, 03:30 PM
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#publicstate ep23 ’Beacon Chain’ 🚧Road to Serenity Part 2🛠️ just landed 👽🛸!!! #Ethereum #Beaconchain #ETH2.0 #Blockchain #Crypto 

This week part 2 of our investigation 🕵️ into Ethereum’s road to Serenity😃 we try to breakdown these items of Serenity Phase 0 - Beacon Chain: 🔨PoW to PoS💪: Finality and Consensus with staking validators; Staking rewards😇 and Punishments😈; ETH1.x relation to ETH2.0; and the link to future 🔮 Shard Chains. 

Tim discusses the history of Ethereum leading to the Beacon Chain📅; Dave makes an analogy to Star Trek🤣; and Al is worried about how to take care of all the Cryptokitties🙀.   


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