Working Out with Chronic Illness and Exhaustion

Jul 19, 2019, 04:00 AM

In this episode I chat all about creating a restorative work out practice as you're recovering from chronic illness and how astrology can help.

Notes + Links

  • MOONRx my lunar and astrologically-based workout system
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In this Episode I...
  • Talk about my personal experience with chronic illness + exercise so that you can learn from my mistakes
  • Uncover what type of exercise and exercise timing is best during recovery
  • Reveal the dangers of cardi0 addiction when chronically ill
  • Explain how high intensity exercise can reactivate emotional trauma
  • Give tips for determining if a workout was too much or just right
  • Explain what your pain patterns can teach you about exercise choice
  • Give the 3 R’s of a sustainable and effective restorative exercise formula
  • Discuss how the lunar cycle and your birth chart can help you design a suitable workout program
  • Touch on the role of nutrition in recovery
  • Stress the importance of not comparing your process to fitness influencers and others online