In Fabric + Case for a Rookie Hangman + Sleepwalkers - Eclectica #212

Season 1, Episode 212,  Jul 03, 2019, 04:00 PM

Clovis the Action Cat

We've gone weird before, obviously, but we've never spent a whole show as far out on the fringes as we do this week. Film of the Week is Peter Strickland's "In Fabric" - the weirdest film from the director of "The Duke of Burgundy" (yeah, have a think about THAT), which Rob and Graham are beguiled and bewildered by. Not necessarily in that order.

Off the Shelf offers no stable ground either, rather the bendy floorboards of Pavel Juracek's "Case for a Rookie Hangman", which is out on Blu-Ray by Second Run. After that it's Graham's turn at the wheel, and he has the comforting mainstream familiarity of a Stephen King movie ... right? 

Not when it's incest-driven were-cat yarn "Sleepwalkers", it's not.

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The Ken Russell film that Rob referenced is "The Debussy Film" from 1965, and it features on BFI's Ken Russell: Great Composer box-set.