American Redneck Day, An Arkansas Dad's Daughter's Wedding Fundraising Idea, Don't end Up With Lefty As Your Nickname, Taco Bell Tortilla Shortage, All The Words to The National Anthem

Jul 03, 06:11 PM

It's American Redneck Day, We Play, "I Think I Hear Banjos" - Name The Redneck Movie

* An Arkansas Dad had a great fundraiser idea to raise money for his daughter's wedding. Paul wished he'd though of it. (2:40)
* Make sure to be safe on July 4th and don't wake up on the 5th with the nickname of "Lefty". (6:05)
* Better M - American Redneck Day. We're playing, "I Think I hear Banjos" - Name the Redneck Movie. (9:37)
* On this American Redneck Day, along with, Compliment Your Mirror Day, we give you some positive Redneck mirror affirmations you can use. (12:11)
* Taco Bell is experience a tortilla shortage. The easy fix: Buy tortillas at a grocery store, then go thru Taco Bell's drive thru and ask them to fill it up. (14:30)
* Do you know all the words to the National Anthem? We kinda do. (16:35)