Faithcast podcast - episode 51

Jul 04, 03:18 PM

Faithcast celebrating the Irish Church Music Association summer school.

Faithcast is the weekly podcast from, the news source for the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference. Presented by Brenda Drumm, Faithcast is a mixture of interviews and news from the Catholic Church in Ireland.  
Episode 51 of Faithcast marks the 50th anniversary of the Irish Church Music Association Summer School which is taking place this week in Maynooth. This week’s interviews are all about music and the liturgy and include an interview with Archbishop Eamon Martin, the Archbishop of Armagh and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dromore, who pays tribute to the ICMA and speaks about the importance of good music as well as moments of silence in the liturgy. 
We also have interviews with some of the participants in this year’s summer school and samples of some of the music workshops. You will hear from Dr Gary Carville from Clogher Diocese about the importance of the summer school as a resource for parishes and dioceses; from Sister Marie Dunne, a Holy Faith Sister who is a tutor at this year’s event and she speaks about the importance of preserving Irish Church music and enabling new pieces to be composed. You will also hear from Ciaran Coll, a young teacher who is also a tutor at this year’s summer school. Ciaran spoke to me about the importance of the summer school in nurturing talent and creating the choir directors and Church musicians of the future. 

You will also get a little flavour of the spectacular music that is echoing through the halls of Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth during these days of the summer school. 

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