Episode 216 - Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3, Minor Victories)

Jul 07, 04:52 AM
Tune in & gaze down because this week on the show RACHEL GOSWELL (Slowdive) joins Damian for a chat!!! Listen along as the two discuss going from being a first wave goth kid to finding out you accidentally created a genre!! Plus hear Damian fan out... Again. 

Also Touched On:

Punk through a brother

Siouxie and The Banshees as inspiration 


who invented goth?

in the gig straight down to the front

photos at gigs

Christian Death

Ghost Dance

Neil is a prefect at school

not into Indieschmindie stuff

My Bloody Valentine unites them all

meeting Alan Magee 

Meeting the goths in College

Being broke on Creation

 Falling-out with Creation

The Sony deal

Getting asked to take Oasis on tour and saying no

Never touring Pygmalion

 Getting dropped

the fourth Slowdive album becomes the first Mojave 3

signing to 4AD

A starting afresh 

Shoegaze as a genre: “Wot on earth?!” 

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!