The PRC leadership abandons widowed mothers & What is to be done? @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast Reggie Littlejohn @reggielittlejhn

Jul 11, 2019, 04:00 AM
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Habitations of Poor Fishermen at Hongkong. materials; still poorer individuals follow, who, having neither boat nor ma-terials to form a flooring, nestle themselves in the intervals between the otherhabitations. Hong-kong is not more than nine miles in length and eight in breadth;exhibiting to the eye, on the first approach, a mass of steep, rugged rocks,among which, however, are found many fertile spots, where rice is cultiva-ted, and the inhabitants enjoy the luxury of plenty of good water, which inChusan and many other islands is very scarce. The little town of Chuck-chuen, situated in the most picturesque part of the island, is an assemblageof white houses with blue-tiled roofs, and, when the English first arrivedthere, was the residence of the mandarin governor of the island, and hissubordinate officers. Hong-kong abounds in granite, which many of theinhabitants are employed in hewing for exportation. (See engraving, p. 133.) In November, 1839, the British fleet in the harbor was
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The PRC leadership abandons widowed mothers & What is to be done?  @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast  

Reggie Littlejohn @reggielittlejhn

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, JUNE 27, 2019.   Women’s Rights Without Frontiersco-hosted a Panel at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, together with the Women’s United Nations Reporting Network.  WRWF President, Reggie Littlejohn, stated, “It was a great honor, and indeed a minor miracle, to co-host this landmark Panel, highly critical of the Chinese government’s record on women’s rights.  China sits on the Human Rights Council in Geneva and has veto power.  I don’t know how our Panel seemed to slip through the cracks!”  The venue was packed, indicating the high level of interest in hearing the truth regarding the abuses against the rights of women and girls perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.  Littlejohn’s remarks focused on several ways in which the Chinese government has violated the Beijing Platform for Action, whose 25thanniversary will arrive in 2020.  Specifically, Littlejohn focuses on the continuation of the sex-selective abortion of baby girls and forced abortion under the Two-Child Policy, as well as the unimaginable suffering of abandoned, elderly widows in the Chinese countryside.  Her full Address can be found below.