Remain and Reform: The positive case for immigration

Jul 11, 08:59 AM
If we’re going to address the causes of Brexit we have to address concerns over immigration – that much is clear. The 2016 vote was in large part fuelled by anger around the issue, with campaigning such as ‘Take Back Control’ and Farage’s ‘Breaking Point’ billboard filling the airwaves.

Joining us to discuss the positive case for immigration, child refugees, how we can make freedom of movement better and more are Alf Dubs, Labour Peer and proponent of the child refugee aiding Dubs amendment, and Marley Morris, head of Migration Policy at a think tank (speaking in a personal capacity). 

You can find out more about Remain and Reform, a policy commission looking at what the detail of remaining in and reforming the EU might look like from a left wing perspective, here