Haiku Thursday, Kanye With A Sneaky Idea, A Moana Mistake, Cash On Atlanta Highway, Better M Bowdler Day, High Pitched Deterrent, Michael from Hope Inspired Ministries

Jul 11, 2019, 03:09 PM
* Showbiz Highlights - Taylor is the richest, but Kanye is on the way up with a sneaky idea.
* (2:30) A Moana Mistake - A Georgia mom got a surprise when ordering an ice cream cake.
* (5:15) An armored truck lost most of its cash on a busy Atlanta Highway.
* (8:47) Better M - It's Bowdler Day. Can you recognize some famous quotes that have been censored?
* (11:52) High Pitched Deterrent - A Pennsylvania Park uses high pitched tones to deter 13-25 year olds from hanging around after hours.
* (15:20) A sure fire way to be successful. It has to do with YOU.
* (17:56) Haiku Thursday
* (19:54) Duke & Duchess Update - Meagan once applied to be a fashion model on The Wendy Williams Show
* (23:54) Successful relationship need one thing more than others, according to the newest research - kindness.
* (25:57) Michael from Hope Inspired Ministries