Episode 25 - Oops I Sharded - Part 1

Jul 13, 03:30 PM
Summary 📚
#publicstate ep25 ’Oops I Sharded - Part 1’ 🚧Road to Serenity Part 3🛠️ just landed 👽🛸!!! #Ethereum #Beaconchain #ETH2.0 #Blockchain #Crypto 

We discuss and explain the ‘simplicity’😆 of sharding on ETH2.0. So simple in fact that we needed two episodes to cover the overview of sharding basics 🤣. 
In part 1 we review the beacon chain, the basic overview of shards and validator partitioning 🤔; how to become a validator; the importance ⚠️ of the beacon chain in relation to the shards; protecting🛡️ against malicious 👿 validators ; keep tabs on those crypto-kitties 😿; and the cabin in Ontario’s woods🌳.

Stay tuned for Part 2 😃 where we dive deeper into shards🤓; state sharding; cross-shard transactions and how to transport a delicious cake 😋🍰

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