7/14 Let's Talk Birmingham: Stuart Oates talks Birmingham's History

Jul 14, 11:01 PM
This week's episode is brought to you by Southern Kitchen and Bar: they put the South in your mouth! Visit them at http://www.thesouthernbirmingham.com

Margie Beth is joined by the executive director of the Oak Hill Memorial Association, Stuart Oates. He discusses old traditions that are still around, to our surprise! Also, Stuart shares some in-depth insight into the foundation of our great city of Birmingham - we're talking stuff you've probably never heard before. They have a Fall festival on November 10 at Oak Hill to take you back to some of the early characters from Birmingham. More information will be posted at http://www.oakhillbirmingham.com

Music featured today came from local artists The Great Book of John (song was "Dark Star") and Heath Green & The Makeshifters (song was "Ain't It a Shame"). Check them out on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube! Support your local Birmingham artists.