The Reset Rebel meets Bruce Parry

Jul 16, 2019, 08:03 AM
In todays show, Jo Youle goes to NOISILY festival in Leicestershire to meet intrepid tribe explorer, Bruce Parry. 
Known for his BBC investigations into indigenous tribes in the Congo, Venezuela and Mongolia and more recently his film Tawai, Bruce was giving a talk at the event on his findings on his travels. 

In particular one stand out group of people he had met, called the Penan, that employ a philosophy and ethos and way of living that has inspired to buy his own house in Wales to try to recreate his findings with his own community that he is hell bent on building.

Jo and Bruce discuss his former life as a hedonist in Ibiza, how he found and embraced meditation due to his addiction to stimulation and also how he has become content, not just happy with his new mission.

There is more to Parry’s return to the UK. He believes having had an immersive understanding of the wisdom of some of the oldest human communities, that he should now try to put some of that into practice in the place he was born and share that wisdom.

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