Light for Riley: Shining a light on the dangers of whooping cough

Jul 16, 2019, 08:27 AM
The Light for Riley was born out of terrible tragedy, the death of a newborn child due to Whooping Cough.  Out of this devastation has come exactly that, a shining light of hope for future generations of children and parents with the advent of the government-funded whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women. Not only this,
but greater awareness of whooping cough across Australia and the knowledge that protection of family members spending time with that child is also important.

It won’t stop there for ‘Light for Riley’, there are many more important developments worth talking about and advocating for to support people in the protection of their children against serious disease.

Riley’s Mum, Catherine Hughes is my guest in this podcast, speaking from the heart on a preventative health strategy, to inform people of the key evidence when it comes to immunisation. In this podcast we discuss Riley’s story, the impact it has had on her family and the reasons it has influenced her to speak to the Australian Government, the challenges faced when dealing with pressure against immunisation and where to turn to if you are not sure.

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We also mentioned another great resource
during our chat.