Mai Musié (Oxford University)

Jul 17, 2019, 09:15 AM
Mai joins David to discuss her work on outreach, particularly her project on the fourth century Eritrean and Ethiopian Gospels. Mai talks about the importance of broadening our understanding of the ancient world to include regions outside Greece and Rome - the Mediterranean didn't exist in a bubble, but was well connected to areas like Sub-Saharan Africa, China and India - and she reflects on how such projects encourage diverse participation in Classics by highlighting this inter-connectivity.

Mai also reflects on her own journey, from leaving Eritrea as a child in the civil war to coming to London (via a few years in the Sudan), and how visiting the library after school ignited her interest in the ancient world.

They also discuss Mai's new hobby, skateboarding, and its unexpected similarities with Classics...

Mai is a Knowledge Exchange Project Officer for the University of Oxford. You can find her on twitter @MaiMusie.
You can find her latest book, Forward with Classics: Classical Languages in Schools and Communities, here, which is part of a wider Classics in the Community Project.