The Lost Child - Trailer

Jul 16, 2019, 02:59 PM
When we started our podcast Dear Pari, we had more questions than answers about the children in shelter homes. So this year we decided to dig deeper to understand how and why children come into shelter homes and how their lives are shaped here.

So this year, we decided to find some answers to these questions.  We wonder and ask aloud- why are shelter homes underfunded and insufficiently staffed; why is family restoration through a larger priority for our governments?  Why are there so many instances of abuse reported from these shelter homes? We will also bring to you success stories- of technology being used to rescue children; of models of care and protection which deserve to be replicated on a larger scale. 

The show will bring perspectives from various stakeholders - government officials, elders in the community, child right experts, social workers, activists and last but not the least from children who grew up these shelter homes. 

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