WCW Bash at the Beach 1997

Jul 17, 10:00 AM
Nine matches from the heyday of WCW; the year of 1997.  It was one year removed from Hulk Hogan becoming "Hollywood" Hogan and the NWO was in full force.  Do you remember?  Some matches were good, and some bad; however, no one could argue against the facet that Dennis Rodman was pretty darn good in the main event with Hogan against Lex Luger and the Giant.  Plus, Kevin Sullivan against Chris Benoit, Ultimo Dragon versus Chris Jericho, the Steiners meeting Chono and the Great Muta and Scott Hall and Randy Savage facing DDP and Curt Hennig.  Get ready to step back in time when all was right with the world...Bash at the Beach 1997!

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