The Old Morning Show - The Face App, Target Has Halloween Decorations and Costumes Now, Better M - Name The Summer Song, Jack & Rose and The Door, More Face App

Jul 17, 2019, 07:12 PM
* Showbiz Highlights - There will a 4th Thor, Time's Most Influential Internet People
* (3:00) The Face App Part 1 - What we'll look like when we're older. Some of us are not hating it. Others might hate a little.
* (6:19) Halloween - Target has already put Halloween decorations and costumes in the store. You can get ready early. The Morning Show is beginning to plan to up our Halloween from last year. Time to eat candy!
* (10:00) Better M - Name The Summer Song. Spoiler alert: Major won.
* (12:12) The Face App Part 2 - We've had some great comments on Facebook, including Tammy that simply said, "STOP"
* (15:13) Could Jack actually fit on the door with Rose?
* (17:15) The Face App Part 3 - It's NOT real! Paul balded himself.
* (18:32) The Face App Part 4 - Looks like Paul has been drinking for 30 years as an old man. Major looks like the butterscotch guy from church.
* (22:00) The Face App Part 5 - Everybody's doing it. Great comments on Facebook. We'll redeem our older looks by posting younger pics.