What is Watson's new plot to hound Corbyn out?

Jul 18, 05:57 PM
As Labour’s civil war flares up again, Isabel Hardman reveals a plot by Tom Watson to oust Jeremy Corbyn - so just how secure is Corbyn (00:30)? We also talk about Matt Hancock’s second favourite app – Babylon Health, and ask, is it really all it’s set out to be (14:55)? And last, with almost a million Poles living in Britain, why don’t you ever see them on screen? We talk to the Polish Ambassador in London (28:05).

With Ayesha Hazarika, Matt Turner, Max Pemberton, Matthew Noble, Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki, Jolanta Rzegocka, and Jakub Krupa.

Presented by Isabel Hardman and Cindy Yu.

Produced by Cindy Yu and Siva Thaganrajah.