Coaching Certification and Ongoing Development - Chris Cerroni

Jul 22, 04:00 PM
Chris Cerroni joined BC Soccer from his previous role as the Regional EXCEL Talent Manager (West) with Canada Soccer. In this previous position, Chris worked closely with both BC Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC to implement the Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX programme in Partnership with BC Soccer which was launched in January 2015. 

Prior to the role with Canada Soccer, Chris was the Technical Director at Central City Breakers FC in Surrey and coached in the EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League with Mountain United.  Chris has also worked for BC Soccer in various capacities over the past few years as a Grassroots Tutor, Coach Educator and Head Coach of Boys U15 Provincial Development Program.

As the Director of Soccer Development, Chris Cerroni is responsible for leading all aspects of technical development within British Columbia that align with BC Soccer’s strategic objectives and Canada Soccer’s Long term player development model. The role is responsible for leading the Soccer Development team and BC Soccer’s three priority pillars of activity, High Performance, Grassroots and Coach Education.

Table of Contents:
0:29 – Guest Intro 

1:05 – Youth Sports Experience/ Growing up

3:37 – Getting into coaching 

5:30 -  Coaching certification for soccer in BC

7:42 – LTPD in Soccer Canada

12:40 – Push Back to Mandating Coaching Certification 

14:10 – Any online Courses?

15:10 – Increase Female Participation in Soccer

20:10 – dropout in soccer

26:06 – Parent Education

29:38 – Engaging Parents

33:10 – Top 3 characteristics of the greatest coach you ever had 

36:53 – Keeping players in the game

40:09 – Issues effecting Youth Sports 

41:34 – What can we do to ensure kids love the game more at the end of the game than they did at the beginning

46:30 – Specialization 

51:40 – Resources 

54:58 - #1 tip for coaches that are just starting out    

57:00 – Iceland Certification Model

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