Denise Yuen-Megson

Jul 24, 12:00 AM

A joyful conversation with Denise Yuen-Megson who runs projects for the Chinese community in Manchester. She’s also a part-time nurse lecturer and a radio show host. She’s dead passionate about minority groups having a voice in local communities and has won awards for her impact.

Challenging perceptions and discrimination has been a running theme across this Strong Manchester Woman’s life; from being judged simply because of her ethnicity, to nursing children with learning disabilities. It’s these experiences that have influenced her values and approach to her award-winning voluntary work.

In this episode your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Denise Yuen Megson, a former learning disabilities nurse who came to the UK over 40 years ago from Malaysia. Denise now lectures at Salford University, volunteers at the Wai Yin society (who support minority groups) and presents a weekly radio show for the Chinese community to help breakdown barriers, especially around mental health.

Denise lovingly talks about,

  • growing up in a different country
  • juggling school work, whilst working at the family’s roadside cafe
  • challenging people’s misconceptions towards herself & others
  • not speaking Cantonese, her ‘mother tongue’
  • using Tai-Chi to relax
  • training to become a radio presenter 
  • running projects to support, bring together and share stories of the Chinese community in Manchester
  • straddling Western & Eastern culture with her family

“I'm not conscious of ever thinking ‘because I'm a woman, I can't do this’. I'm quite happy with walking into a pub by myself and ordering a drink.” Denise Yuen Megson

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