Jul 22, 07:05 AM
This 1970s rockstar biopic of a man whom we can all agree should be deeply reviled isn’t a new or shocking concept in America, the country with the world record for serial killers in the last 100 years. Zac Efron's sculpted and lovable Ted Bundy personifies an ongoing American obsession with this allegedly handsome killer turned celebrity, a man who confessed to 30 murders and brutal sexual assaults. What does it mean that these boogeymen for which we carry pepper spray, check our backseats, and deadbolt our doors have also become our sex symbols and household names? And what of women who love serial killers? How different are we from them when we cannot seem to look away?

The AFTER SHOCK is a Skylark Media production
Written, produced, and hosted by Chelsey Weber-Smith
Co-written and researched by Riley Smith
Assistant produced by Derrick Smith
Produced and edited by Clear Commo Studios
Special thanks to Miranda Zickler, check out her band Kuinka

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