James Johnston - Piclo - Leading The Flexible Energy Marketplace

Jul 29, 2019, 06:00 AM
James Johnston is CEO and cofounder of Piclo, an exciting company working to globally change the way we use energy today. James and his team have developed a way to make our energy grids more flexible and sustainable with a cutting edge energy DSO marketplace.
  • Importance of understanding of the problem before working towards a solution
  • Applying flexibility to utilise energy in a more efficient way
  • How to build a team and how people form a company’s identity
  • The power of ‘pivoting’ towards new ideas and adapting from failure
  • How different investors are best suited for different stages of development
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[01:35] Who is James Johnston?
[02:05] Starting with a solution rather than a problem
[03:45] Applying flexibility to make effective use of energy sources
[05:00] Developing a market place to buy and sell flexibility services
[06:25] James’ personal journey and gaining inspiration from Bob Metcalfe
[08:25] Building a team with cofounders Andy and Alice
[11:00] Learning from your failures and developing new business plans
[14:25] How different investors are beneficial at different stages of development
[17:45] Having a global mission
[19:45] Methods of tracking progress
[21:10] The future for Piclo

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