The Discovery of Middle Earth: 1 of 4: Mapping the Lost World of the Celts by Graham Robb

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Photo: Myths and legends ; the Celtic race
Year: 1910 (1910s)
AuthorsRolleston, T. W. (Thomas William), 1857-1920
SubjectsCelts Celts Celtic literature Legends, Celtic
PublisherBoston : Nickerson
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Datho. Soon thehosts burst out through the doors of the dun and smoteand slew each other in the open field, until the Connachthost were put to flight. The hound of mac Dathopursued the chariot of King Ailell of Connacht till thecharioteer smote off^ its head, and so the cause of con-tention was won by neither party, and mac Datho losthis hound, but saved his lands and life. The Death of Ket The death of Ket is told in Keating*s History ofIreland. Returning from a foray in Ulster, he was over-taken by Conall at the place called the Ford of Ket, andthey fought long and desperately. At last Ket was slain,but Conall of the Victories was in little better case, andlay bleeding to death when another Connacht championnamed Bealcu* found him. Kill me, said Conallto him, that it be not said I fell at the hand of oneConnacht man. But Bealcu said : I will not slay aman at the point of death, but I will bring thee homeand heal thee, and when thy strength is come again * Pronounced Bay-al-koo.«44
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Forbay and Queen Maev 244 THE DEATH OF MAEV thou shalt fight with me in single combat. ThenBealcu put Conall on a litter and brought him home,and had him tended till his wounds were healed. The three sons of Bealcu, hov/ever, when they sawwhat the Ulster champion was like in all his might,resolved to assassinate him before the combat shouldtake place. By a stratagem Conall contrived that theyslew their own father instead ; and then, taking the headsof the three sons, he went back, victoriously as he waswont, to Ulster. The Death of Maev The tale of the death of Queen Maev is also preservedby Keating. Fergus mac Roy having been slain byAilell with a cast of a spear as he bathed in a lake withMaev, and Ailell having been slain by Conall, Maevretired to an island ^ on Loch Ryve, where she was wontto bathe early every morning in a pool near to the landing-place. Forbay son of Conor mac Nessa, having dis-covered this habit of the queens, found means one dayto go unperceived to the pool and
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The Discovery of Middle Earth: 1 of 4: Mapping the Lost World of the Celts by Graham Robb

A treasure hunt that uncovers the secrets of one of the world’s great civilizations, revealing dramatic proof of the extreme sophistication of the Celts, and their creation of the earliest accurate map of the world.

Fifty generations ago the cultural empire of the Celts stretched from the Black Sea to Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland. In six hundred years, the Celts had produced some of the finest artistic and scientific masterpieces of the ancient world. In 58 BC, Julius Caesar marched over the Alps, bringing slavery and genocide to western Europe. Within eight years the Celts of what is now France were utterly annihilated, and in another hundred years the Romans had overrun Britain. It is astonishing how little remains of this great civilization.