Episode 5 60 Minutes Of Fatherhood, Funk & Foolishness

Jul 12, 2019, 03:27 PM
Three Dads Hanging Out On A Friday Night With Special Guests, Live DJs & Lots Of Tea & Biscuits
Special Guest - MC & Youth Worker, Keet Buckle
This Week:
Simon Pegg | Worlds End | Friends You Had At 15 | Pride | Toy Story 4 | Homelessness | Inequality Of Fatherhood | Freestyle Rap | 90s Rapper Silver Bullet | Huddersfield | Wearing Knock-Off Trainers When You Couldn't Afford Brands | How Public Enemy Changed Our Lives | The Cuts In Children's Services.
Music By - Robin S | Public Enemy | Siver Bullet | Shut Up & Dance | Audio Active
5 Minutes Of Funk - Live Mixes Of Five, Funky Classics
The Dadfesto - A Dads-Eye View Of The Latest News
The Views At Ten - 60 Seconds Of Sounding-Off
And A Whole Lot More...
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