#176 | Sounds Of The Hot Boy Summer

Jul 26, 2019, 09:36 AM
Not to go all Santana or anything but jesus christ the studio felt like it might actually melt down during this one. 

Yes, it's a two-hour episode. You're welcome. On the agenda; a tournament of summer tunes, the cancellation of Versatile, and a chat with Orla Gartland, who is awesome. 

ACT ONE: A brief preamble for once.

ACT TWO [5:10]: The horrible Cats trailer, Versatile's reckoning, and the Mercury Prize nominations - tis the week in news.

ACT THREE [24:15]: Songs of the Week~!

ACT FOUR [36:15] In lieu of an album - yes, again - the boys consult Spotify's 'Songs of the Summer' playlist and go all European Football Championship knockout on the whole thing in a bid to discover the official NO ENCORE Sound of the Summer.

ACT FIVE [1:14:00]: Dave hits up a sleepy franchise chain coffee shop in Dublin city centre to welcome Orla Gartland home with the best of all gifts - a 33-minute interview. They discuss moving to London, airport trouble, working in a despised cereal café, her excellent new EP and a whole lot more.

EXIT MUSIC: Tandem Felix - 'Nightclub (I Sold My Soul To The Devil)'