Why life long learning is important for coaches - Chris Dahl

Jul 29, 04:00 PM
As a Director of Coach Development, Chris’ responsibility is working with key stakeholders and partners, the Director of Coach Development promotes and supports the education, certification and advancement of coaching throughout the province.

He has been involved with VBC in many capacities since 2004. In his role, he hopes to help coaches navigate the NCCP, support clubs in their quest to field trained and competent coaches, develop strategies to recruit and retain coaches in the sport from grassroots to high performance. Chris is a former/current college, club, and high school coach. He is a long serving Team BC coach, and has worked with Volleyball Canada’s National Team programs at a variety of levels.

Table of Contents:
0:55 – Guest Intro 

1:35 – Youth Sports Experience/ Growing up

3:37 – Favourite Memory

5:10 -  Getting Into Coaching

8:00 – Pieces of advice for younger self

10:30 – Life long learning for coaches

11:50 – Top 3 Characteristics of top coaches

17:55 – Your Current Role with Volleyball BC

20:10 – LTAD Model 

23:00 – NCCP Model

29:00 – Online Courses

33:10 – Coaches Limitations

40:30 – Ongoing Development

42:35 – BC Volleyball Conference

50:25 – Book Recommendations 

56:30 – Free Play 

1:00:00 - #1 tip for coaches that are just starting out    

1:02:30 – What Coaches Can Do To Make Kids Love The Game More

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