r/peterexplainsthejoke, u/itsyerdad eats beer cheese at an Ohio Top Golf, and afternoon pod energy

Jul 27, 2019, 02:17 AM

r/peterexplainsthejoke, Top Golf, u/itsyerdad's stepdad Rick, and $1.50 Hamm's Cans

After three hard-earned episodes about comedy, we thought it was only appropriate to follow it up with another episode about Comedy. This week, we briefly get into a topic that quite frankly, we don't really know that much about, r/peterexplainsthejoke. However, it takes us almost the entire episode to even begin discussing it because u/itsyerdad had to recap is illustrative trip to Ohio with Rascal Flatts and his new stepdad-in-training Rick. With so much afternoon pod energy, we go through everything from $1.50 Hamms cans, to wholesome women's soccer memes, to u/itsyerdad's habitual threat of exterminating baby boomers, until we eventually discuss r/peterexplainsthejoke, which is largely an old meme that refuses to die. This episode brought to you by Top Golf.